I’ve been using Standards-Based Grading for over 4 years now.  Moving to standards based grading has changed the way I think about teaching for the better.  I can’t imagine going back to a points-based system.  I am still learning how best to implement this for my students.  Below are some posts I wrote about the process I went through to start using SBG.

Before the school year – planning it all

From points to standards

How I wrote my physics standards

Updated physics standards

My standards based grading policies – No seriously, there are no numbers.

Year 1: Trying it out

Feedback to a former you – Students ‘grade’ the first assessment

Are all goals created equal? – Why some learning goals are more important than others and should have more influence on the grade

 Other Resources

Most of what I figured out came from other teachers. Here are some awesome blogs to check out:

Action-Reaction by Frank Noschese

ThinkThankThunk by Shawn Cornally

Physics! Blog! by Kelly O’Shea

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