The Book of Arons – Chapter 4

For the teachers in our reading group, here are some discussion questions for Chapter 4 of Teaching Introductory Physics:

1. What it is not
At numerous points in the book, Arons expresses…
“In order to understand what something is, one must also understand what it is not.”
Is this built into your teaching? If so, how? How does it affect students’ understanding? If not, why not? Do you think building it in would be useful?

2. The Crossover Condition
Come up with 2-3 situations (other than the ones that Arons mentions) where analyzing beyond the “crossover condition” may be helpful for students’ understanding of the phenomenon in question. Think about how you might incorporate these into class this year.

3. Arnold’s snarky remark of the week
Find some dry bluntness, well-placed snark, or something clever that made you LOL.

4. Arons Gold
What did you find in this chapter that you think is pure gold (in terms of teaching strategy)?

5. Also, I could use some help with equations 4.10.1 and 4.12.1 on pages 126 and 129!

Go team physics!

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